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You! You! You! Mission to Ethiopia – an interview with Calvyn (STAND 2014)

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On the Saturday afternoon of this year’s STAND conference, Calvyn Jonker will be presenting a special seminar detailing a recent missions trip to Ethiopia, and what Christians in New Zealand can learn about God and His transforming work there.

Calvyn was able to a few questions about himself and what he’ll be sharing with us during his seminar.

1. Briefly share with us how you became a Christian.

After I was nearly killed in a horrific accident, which claimed the life of two others, one question kept coming back to me continuously – ‘Why am I still alive?” The answer was impressed on my heart (no angels or audible voices) – “My Grace is sufficient for you…” I knew what grace meant, having grown up in a Christian home… The Lord finally drew me to Himself shortly afterwards at a Scripture Union camp – and saved me.

2. Why do you think what you’re sharing is an important topic?

It is important for us as Christians in the west to hear of God’s work in other parts of the world so that we can lift up our heads from the seemingly uphill struggle to see people saved. In parts of the world, like Ethiopia, people are coming to the Lord in their thousands after years of oppression under communist rule. God’s kingdom is being built in a way that we can only wonder at and give God all the glory for! But with this growth also come problems…

3. What do you hope will be filling peoples hearts and minds as they walk away from your presentation?

We serve a mighty God who is at work and in a powerful way. I can be encouraged in the tasks He has set for me in my little patch. The Kingdom is being built! There is a BIG picture!
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4. How did the missions trip affect your life?

It strengthened the ‘mission’ zeal already in me and gave me a larger heart for the lost. It enabled me to speak out boldly as an ‘eyewitness’ of the change Jesus Christ brings about in people’s lives when there has been nothing but hopelessness before.

5. Why are you looking forward to this year’s conference?

I am praying that God will use this conference to encourage the battle weary, to awaken those who are just cruising and to challenge us all to look afresh to the Lord of the Harvest – the soon-to-be-returning King!


Note: Due to space limitations, we’re not able to take any more registrations for this year’s conference – sorry! Please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates about the conference, and check back on this website where we will make available recordings from all sessions and seminars (Lord willing!).

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