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Conrad Mbewe in New Zealand, 2012 – Personal Reflections (Joe Fleener)

I’ve written a brief reflection on this year’s Stand for the Gospel Conference already.

These are more personal reflections on the privilege of having Pastor Mbewe in our home and spending time with him outside the formal conference context.

Probably the most significant blessing for our family on the weekend of the conference is our privilege to host the speaker in our home. There are many blessing to be sure, but we really enjoy the opportunity to get to know these faithful servants on a more personal level each year.

In the evenings and mornings we had a great time learning more about Pastor Mbewe’s family, church, life history and ministry.

In the modern world we live in and due to the time difference between NZ and Zambia we were able to see the humorous reality of being a parent to teens on the other side of the world even when you are speaking at a conference! One evening Conrad found himself texting a son and two daughters all the way back in Zambia as they were working through various family decisions.

Then there was the need for Conrad to work on church administrative details back home while here.

I remember telling him once, how I can recall in my lifetime when  you would leave the county for work or ministry and would simply not know what was happening at home until you got home!

But seriously, just the opportunity to laugh, tell stories, and hear how the Lord has worked in Conrad’s life and ministry over so many years was invaluable. I treasure these opportunities and thank the Lord for the privilege.

I also thank my wife for all she does to serve our guests with joy and our children who just really enjoy having guests in our home. (They are not the least bit concerned if a guy is some “famous” preacher! To them he is just a man from Africa and a lot of fun.)


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